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COVID-19 might have put a damper on art lovers mingling in galleries at exhibition openings, but that hasn’t stopped the Botanical Art Society of Newfoundland and Labrador (BASNL) from celebrating a milestone. Our video, Rooted in Art, commemorates its fifth anniversary.

BASNL is grateful for the valuable support of MUNBG

Upcoming Events 

Wildflower Wonders

The exhibit dates are July 4th to July 31st at

MUN Botanical Gardens.

BASNL members have now begun work for our exhibit, “Wildflower Wonders” being held in July. Though our chosen plants are still hiding under the snow, they know it’s now Spring even if we live in hopeful doubt. During our cold early Spring weather they begin absorbing the warming sun, the ground nutrients and the increasing daylight. Their debut may be delayed by a few weeks but when they begin to show they are a breathtaking wonder and so welcome.

 The plants have been selected and the artists are now working on studying and drawing them using winter source material -the internet & libraries, and in some cases access to greenhouses and studies from last fall.

Here are some of the wild flowers you will see: cow vetch, pitcher plant, campanula, butter & eggs, malva, lupin, lady slipper, aster and more…

Shown above is Dave Collins' Flagstaff Iris study…. 

keep an eye out here for further peeks at our artists at work.


Marni Mahle

Botanical Art Society of Newfoundland and Labrador 


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Bi-weekly tutorials with Glynn Bishop
Ongoing Botanical tutorials on Zoom are available to BASNL Members. Please check our Facebook Group for dates and times.
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Tutorials on Zoom and other events are available to BASNL Members. Please check our Facebook Group for dates and times.