Marie Stamp

The Art


  • Watercolour

  • Pencil
  • Pen & Ink

Approach / Inspiration

Botanical art first appealed to me as a practice following a tragic bereavement. Like so many others, I came to value its meditative discipline, and the way one gets lost in the contemplation of nature. I believe everyone can benefit from observing and drawing plants, no matter what your level of artistic ability. As an art form, it offers itself to universal enjoyment and appreciation, and I believe it is a great way of connecting with people everywhere.


I am a native of St. John's who now lives in Ireland. My formal arts background began in illustration and commercial art, making posters at the Arts and Culture Centre, and illustrating children's books for Breakwater Books and Jesperson Press. Although I attended art school for one year in France, I am mostly self-taught. I owe my interest in botanic art to fellow Irish-Canadian Oonagh Phillips, who introduced me to it in 2008. Oonagh and I approached the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin, who put us in touch with other artists and together we launched the Irish Society of Botanical Artists. I served as acting chairperson for the first year, and as vice-chairperson. In addition to botanical art, I am an avid "urban sketcher" and a long-term volunteer artist  illustrating for creative writing workshops at "Fighting Words". I have organized art holidays and conducted workshops for beginners and would love to welcome fellow BASNL members to Ireland. 


Heritage Irish Plants: Plandaí Oidhreachta, Exhibition with the Irish Society of Botanical Artists, National Botanic Gardens, Ireland (2016)

Aibítir: The Irish Alphabet in Botanical Art, Exhibition with the Irish Society of Botanical Artists, National Botanic Gardens, Ireland  (2014) 


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